Since the very beginning when Henri Moissan first discovered Moissanite stone, it has become a norm to compare diamonds with rare stones. This is because of their similar spark and amazing qualities. However, Moissanite comes with additional incredible qualities that will shock you to your core. The stone has some amazing characteristics that you might not have known before.

Why are they compared to each other?

The reason behind the two stones being compared to each other is their physical appearance. Diamonds and Moissanite have very similar features, they go hand in hand when it comes to their beauty and sparkle. Moissanite stones have higher refractive index making them more sparkly and are equally hard as the natural diamonds. There are a very few people who would be able to differentiate between the two stones. There are a number of benefits of purchasing Moissanite jewelry and we’re here to inform you all about them.


Benefits of choosing Moissanite:

  • Pricing:

The most obvious and greatest benefit of choosing Moissanite is its pricing. The stone is amazing to have. It has great pricing value because it is new and not yet as popular as diamond. The amount of incredible qualities and sizing you can get within a reasonable price range will immediately blow your mind. The jewelry comes in many different forms, colors and shapes. You can buy a big stone at a very low price. Many of you might think we’re bluffing with the pricing but once you get into the market of Moissanite, you’ll realize what you’re missing out on.

  • Brilliance:

The stone has its own immediate spark and radiance that oozes out of it. You would wonder whether it can really give you the kind of experience a diamond can, and the answer is yes, it absolutely can. Despite the fluctuations in color, the more popular colorless Moissanite looks exactly like a diamond when put in good lighting.

  • Clarity:

Since most Moissanite are lab-created from natural seeds they are carefully crafted and sorted and the best ones are chosen to be put on sale. This ensures that the stones present on engagement rings have the greatest clarity and quality.

  • Ethical reasons:

If you’re someone who has great ethical values and does not want to disrupt them, this is your chance to do that. Diamonds are mostly mined in the war hit African nations and are typically used by rich nations to fund those wars. Choose Moissanite and make your conscience clear since Moissanite come with peace.


Final Verdict:

Of all the benefits listed above, the most valuable is the one that touches the ethical grounds defining your personality. You can clear your conscience by purchasing jewelry that has nothing to do with immoral sourcing and mining. You can make a great societal example for everyone. No matter how pretty a diamond might look, its beauty was earned through a dangerous amount of labor.



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